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The shop Local campaign…

From the start we’ve always recognised the importance of our independent local shops that makes Ware so special. Over the years We’ve teamed up with our independently owed local traders to promote and raise awareness of some ware’s best loved shops with our shop local campaigns. This has been hugely successful through our social media and something we’re really proud of. To find out more follow us on facebook and instagram.

Our Chosen Charity…

Since 2017 Elliot Heath made a commitment to donate part of our fees to Isabel hospice. Isabel Hospice is a registered charity which provides free palliative care and support for patients and their families and plays such an important service to the local community. We are incredibly proud to have raised almost £18,000 to date.
Www.Isabel hospice.org


Elliot & Rikki have always wanted to be an approachable part of the community and over the years have provided banners, promotion and various raffles prizes for many local schools and events. We also sponsor a number of sports teams in the area including Chauncy School, Meninas Girls football team, Woodson Park football team and the Ware Priory regeneration.

The Shop Local Easter Hunt…

The Elliot Heath Easter Hunt has become something of family tradition for many local families. Each year the Elliot Heath Bunnies are placed in local independent shops in Ware for the children to find, this has been a free event organised by Elliot & Rikki and has been a great way to keep the children occupied during the Easter Holidays.

Rikki & Elliot

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